I’m Back! And Etsy store update.

It’s been a long, dark, busy winter. My work has kept me from doing more than the basic work needed in the rabbitry. Covid risk has kept me from rabbit shows.

Spring has brought many new litters as the rabbits smell the fresh, warm air of April. Currently I have 5 litters of Satin and Satin cross angora rabbits. These rabbits will be available in early summer.

I did spend the winter evening hours going through the bags and bags of French and Satin angora fiber. These will be posted on my Etsy store shortly. All have been sorted and are prime fiber, ready to spin. I am a fiber snob and only put the best of the best up for sale.

Blue Satin Cross Doe (Not for sale)
Satin Chinchilla Doe
A nest box of bouncing baby satin angoras

A pre-fall update

I have been doing some work on my rabbitry and especially with my junior French angoras. They are lovely and will be great show and fiber animals.

However one thing I will no longer be able to do is sell animals that require transport. I am unable to meet transporters (and travel to meet transporters) due to my full time job. If you want to buy an angora you can pick it up from me in McMinnville Oregon or at any show I attend. I will post the animals I have for sale on this website and you can contact me through my email.

I am discontinuing the waitlist. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. However many people are looking for specific colors of fiber and I am breeding for a show quality type and fiber, not for specific colors.

Thank you.

Babies soon!

2021 may ring in with new rabbits!

Marshmallow is one of my best Satin Angora does even though she is ermine, which means I cannot show her. Her density and sheen is amazing! She is a very reliable mother and often has very large litters, the largest being 13 babies! I have several people on waiting lists for Satin Angora rabbits. Hopefully there will be something for everyone in this litter, fingers crossed! (Don’t count the rabbits before they are kindled!)

Marshmallow is building her nest!
Do I have something in my teeth?


Due to the pandemic as well as RHDV I have not been attending rabbit shows. I really miss seeing my angora rabbit friends! In the mean time I have been focusing on fiber production as opposed to show production. This means my breeding has slowed down. I will have animals available, but they will be fewer in number and I won’t be traveling very far to meet/deliver rabbits. Until conditions change, the buyer will need to arrange for or provide for transportation. I will travel within an hour of the Portland/Salem area. Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!

Juniors and more juniors!

Since both viruses have made it a better idea to stay home….I have babies galore! I updated the “For Sale” page with 4 promising junior bucks. Two are sheared, their siblings had too much fun messing with the coats. They are also at a difficult age to get posed properly. Silly boys! I have similar does as well and will be posting those soon.

2 Viruses and Wow!

I have too many rabbits! (Said no one ever). Except it is true right now. With shows closed due to Covid-19 and the Rabbit Virus, pairing rabbits with new owners has been difficult. I have many rabbits ready to go! Some are hybrid rabbits that would be great for spinners (French Angora fiber) and some showable and spinnable Satin Angora Juniors. I have a few older rabbits that are looking for a new zip code as well.

(I am not using transport services due to the rabbit virus and due to Covid I am willing to drive about an hour from my location in McMinnville. I know this limits things for many people.)

And a couple of photos of fuzzy rabbits!

A junior red/high rufus fawn satin angora doe (NFS)
Hybrid French/Satin angora doe, non-shiny wool. Gorgeous fiber and body! $50

First Show of the New Year!

Elemental Farms TOMMY is ready for his debut!

It’s almost time for Frozen Friends in St. Helens Oregon. I can’t wait to see my rabbit tribe again. I saw some during the New Year’s Eve show, but sadly I was the only Angora breeder at that show.

I do plan to bring several junior bucks that will be available at the show. I have a pretty chestnut and a black tort. The Chestnut Buck is on my sale page and the Black Tort is very similar and is the same price.

Lastly, the nest boxes are overflowing with pretty babies! I have 3 gorgeous red Satin Angoras and 3 pretty Fawn French Angoras along with some joint project bunny babies. Sadly my anticipated French Angora litter from Lilac and HGF Supernova didn’t make it, but I plan to redo that breeding next week. So look to the sale page in the future for even more fuzzy friends!