I’m Back! And Etsy store update.

It’s been a long, dark, busy winter. My work has kept me from doing more than the basic work needed in the rabbitry. Covid risk has kept me from rabbit shows.

Spring has brought many new litters as the rabbits smell the fresh, warm air of April. Currently I have 5 litters of Satin and Satin cross angora rabbits. These rabbits will be available in early summer.

I did spend the winter evening hours going through the bags and bags of French and Satin angora fiber. These will be posted on my Etsy store shortly. All have been sorted and are prime fiber, ready to spin. I am a fiber snob and only put the best of the best up for sale.

Blue Satin Cross Doe (Not for sale)
Satin Chinchilla Doe
A nest box of bouncing baby satin angoras

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