2 Viruses and Wow!

I have too many rabbits! (Said no one ever). Except it is true right now. With shows closed due to Covid-19 and the Rabbit Virus, pairing rabbits with new owners has been difficult. I have many rabbits ready to go! Some are hybrid rabbits that would be great for spinners (French Angora fiber) and some showable and spinnable Satin Angora Juniors. I have a few older rabbits that are looking for a new zip code as well.

(I am not using transport services due to the rabbit virus and due to Covid I am willing to drive about an hour from my location in McMinnville. I know this limits things for many people.)

And a couple of photos of fuzzy rabbits!

A junior red/high rufus fawn satin angora doe (NFS)
Hybrid French/Satin angora doe, non-shiny wool. Gorgeous fiber and body! $50

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