First Show of the New Year!

Elemental Farms TOMMY is ready for his debut!

It’s almost time for Frozen Friends in St. Helens Oregon. I can’t wait to see my rabbit tribe again. I saw some during the New Year’s Eve show, but sadly I was the only Angora breeder at that show.

I do plan to bring several junior bucks that will be available at the show. I have a pretty chestnut and a black tort. The Chestnut Buck is on my sale page and the Black Tort is very similar and is the same price.

Lastly, the nest boxes are overflowing with pretty babies! I have 3 gorgeous red Satin Angoras and 3 pretty Fawn French Angoras along with some joint project bunny babies. Sadly my anticipated French Angora litter from Lilac and HGF Supernova didn’t make it, but I plan to redo that breeding next week. So look to the sale page in the future for even more fuzzy friends!

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