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In the Nest Box

Satin Angora Juniors

Born 07/20/20

Mother: Marshmallow (Ermine)

Father: Warren (French/Satin Angora Hybrid)

French Angora Juniors

Born 7/20/20

Mother: Lilac (Grand Champion)

Father: HGF Supernova

Upcoming Litter:

Satin Angora

Mother: GC Foggy Bottom Firmitas (Grand Champion, carries broken)

Father: Celestial Farms Potter (Grand Champion)

Due December 1, 2020

For Sale

Due to the RHDV quarantine I am not able to sell rabbits at this time. When the quarantine is lifted I will resume sales.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in upcoming French or Satin Angora rabbits.


Elemental Farms offers raw and combed fiber on Etsy! In the near future hand painted sock yarn and socks knit on an antique circular sock knitting machine will also be available.

French Angora Fiber

Raw fiber straight from the rabbit! Ready to spin.

Satin Angora Fiber

The rarest of angora fibers with a beautiful shine to the fibers!

Lovingly raised

Elemental Farm’s rabbits are pampered and are lovingly raised. All fiber is gently harvested using shears and scissors.

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